The Untold Truth About Affiliate Marketing

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When I first heard about affiliate marketing, I thought that I found the Get Rich Quick ultimate solution.

But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

I signed up for multiple affiliate programs, started posting my affiliate links on social media, youtube channels, and online forms, hoped to get sales commission,  my hopes turned into frustration, I didn’t get any sales or leads, I realized that I have to dig deeper into how I can make this work

I remember googling How to start affiliate marketing and How to make money with affiliate marketing and feeling OVERWHELMED. I was lost, and I didn’t know where to start

Doing a lot of research and analysis, I knew I had to get started by learning Digital Skills.

Going through a steep learning curve with The SFM Learning program led to a deeper dive into marketing strategies and tactics, geting the clarity to start with a strong foundation.

Long story short, I am now a successful affiliate marketer and earn a commission from products/services we promote in different niches.

This article is the accumulation of my experiences and lessons I learned during my journey.

So Lets Dive Into

What affiliate marketing is?

When you sell anything for anyone else and you receive a commission for it, you’re marketing as an affiliate. You’re not just a salesperson working for that company. You’re independent and on your own. There are no thresholds that need to be met. But the more you sell, the more you earn.

You don’t need to create your own products or services to earn money selling anything in this format.

But, don’t get me wrong. Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. Unless you have a significant audience or a platform, selling anything will require a significant investment of both your time and your money. The truth is that without traffic, you’ll struggle. This is likely the problem that many would-be affiliates face today.

However, by keeping a few principles and steps in mind, you too can dominate in the world of affiliate marketing and earn money while you sleep.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Many affiliate programs can be found in the company’s website’s footer section.

Affiliate marketing is similar to being a salesperson, after you sign up for an affiliate program you get your link to promote the product.

The traditional salesperson makes a commission for each sale by persuasion and sales techniques, identifying a problem and presenting a correct solution.

This is what affiliate marketing is, except our “sales floor” is the internet.

But, to generate leads and get sales conversion you will have to understand how the conversion funnel works

How Sales Funnel Works

Funnel is just a way to represent the customer’s journey as they move towards the purchase of your product or service.

At the top, or the widest part of the funnel is where a buyer starts their journey. And the bottom, the narrowest part, is where they complete it. So our goal as marketers is to funnel prospects into buyers moving them from the top to the bottom of the funnel. The shape reflects the fact that a large number of people will never complete the journey through the funnel. You’ll expose your product or service to a lot of people, the top of the funnel, but only a small fraction will convert

It’s crucial to understand which stage your customer is at so you can deliver marketing that helps them get to the next stage.

Just like a real-world funnel, a sales funnel acts similarly. It funnels down visitors through several stages before they become buyers. If you’re not creating an emotional attachment during each stage of that funnel, then you’re largely wasting your time. It has to start from the very beginning, and it has to carry out all the way to beyond the purchase.

This is how you turn visitors into buyers into raving fans. If anyone is serious about “making it” in affiliate marketing,

The better you get at creating an emotional attachment during each stage of your funnel, the more likely you’ll be to succeed and even to get rich through your efforts.

Can you Profit From it?

You CAN profit from it but it will take time, effort, persistence, and commitment to succeed.

Can you write an article or create a YouTube video that solves your audience’s problems?

YouTube is a great choice for getting your affiliate marketing journey started. It’s how most affiliates get their start.

If you can do that, your next question might be, how fast can I make money with affiliate marketing?

The answer to that question depends on two things:

  1. The supply and demand for content in your niche
  2. How good your content is at solving your audience’s problem

The more quality content a content creator continues to make, the more money they’ll make from their affiliate links. The same can be said for blog posts.

If you don’t have content on the internet, don’t worry. It’s uncommon for a beginner affiliate marketer to have existing content. This is something you’ll work on soon enough, I hope.

It’s about providing helpful, high-quality content to solve people’s problems & address their pain points and present a paid solution.

Your affiliate commissions are just a byproduct of helping people get what they don’t have or get closer to their goals.

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